1 Year 70% Payout Competition


Are you worth more than the others? Enter the competition and prove it! Duration: 2 months Ends on October 11th, 2020! How to enter the competition: Amateurs profile MUST be verified and complete (profile/cover photos or video / Filled out About Me Section) HD quality profile/cover photos and video. Must upload 6 premium high-quality videos per month (comply with XTube Terms) Connect XTube with Twitter account Must select from automated twitterread more

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


Hey Xtubers, It’s St. Patrick’s Day! Although one of the largest celebration in the world, is postponed over concerns about the spread of the #coronavirus, this doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from what we have to offer! Plus Offer has started!! Plus Offer 50% (4,99%)! Valid only for March 17th on XTube.com So guys please stay home, stay safe and rely on us. WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED! #theXTubeteam  read more


Hey there sexy XTubers! Want to get your OWN promotional post on XTube Official Twitter? Upload 12 premium videos within one month, 1st-end of the current calendar month. Just a couple simple steps. Upload your videos throughout the month, get in touch with either AndreaXT or VictoriaXT from the relationship team and inform them that you have completed the task and if eligible, you get your special feature on Twitter!read more